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Justin Hackworth
A band plays at last year's Rooftop Series. The series is held on top of a parking garage with buildings and mountains in the background.

PROVO — Singing on rooftops isn't exactly a typical performance.

But the Beatles famously did it, and local artists are going to do it, too.

Provo is kicking off its second Downtown Rooftop Concert Series on Friday, May 6. The jam-packed lineup opens with Fictionist.

The local-gone-famous band was recently announced as one of four performers still in the running for a Rolling Stone magazine cover competition, but Fictionist is excited to return home and perform for its dedicated fans.

"We started talking with them about a year and a half ago," said Jacob Jones, keyboardist and co-founder of Fictionist. "Unfortunately, it didn't work out last year, but the moment they started scheduling for this year, they invited us in. We're very grateful and excited."

Paul Jacobsen and The Madison Arm, another acclaimed Utah band, will play Friday as well.

The series is driven by the city's Center Focus vision and the Cultural Identity Committee, both of which aim to expand and renovate the downtown district. Courtney Kendrick, popular blogger of blog.CJaneRun.com and co-founder of the series, said the series could be a pivotal influence in fulfilling the city's goals.

She also said the series aims to not only highlight Provo's musicians on a stage propped against the Wasatch Front mountains, but draw locals to the often-neglected downtown scene as well.

"We want to help the spirit of downtown by inspiring future customers to shop locally at our boutiques, bookstores and, of course, award-winning restaurants," she said.

But it's not going to be the boutiques or bookstores driving music enthusiasts to the parking garage rooftop. It’s going to be some of Utah's biggest names, including Neon Trees, Fictionist and Joshua James, all of who have performed in Provo's Velour.

"Velour in downtown Provo is one of the best venues in Utah and has to be credited with identifying and showcasing Utah's best talent," Kendrick said. "Our series hopes to illuminate what Velour is doing by bringing the music to an audience who might not show up at a club or venue."

Friday is only the first in a series of six performances: Meagan Smith and Mindy Gledhill will perform June 3; The Abbey Road Show with Sarah Sample on July 1; Joshua James with Sayde Price on Aug. 5; Neon Trees on Sept. 2 and Lower Lights on Oct. 7.

"It's a good endeavor and it's going to be great to open people's ears and eyes to the great music going on in this area," Jones said.

The free concert begins at 8 p.m. and will be held on top of the parking garage at 100 N. 100 West in Provo. For more information, visit rooftopconcertseries.com

Caitlin is a feature writer for the Deseret News and a journalism student at Brigham Young University.