King James Bible translator Richard Brett, 1567-1637, served on the First Oxford Company, translating Isaiah-Malachi. Brett was a scholar in Latin, Greek, Aramaic, Arabic, Hebrew and Ethiopic languages. He was a student at Hart Hall, now Hertford College, Oxford, and fellow at Lincoln College, Oxford, under Richard Kilbye, also one of the translators.

In 1595, Brett was appointed Rector of Quainton, Buckinghamshire. In 1605, he received his Doctor of Divinity degree. Brett was well-known for his academic achievements, piety and charitable kindness. He interrupted his service in Quainton to assist with the translation of the King James Bible. This parish church at Quainton has a sculptural portrait on the wall representing the marriage of Brett and his wife, as well as their 10 children. He is buried in the chancel of the church.