The death of a terrorist, a Book of Mormon mini-musical written for Primary, a royal wedding, deadly tornadoes in Alabama and more. This week has been chock-full of exciting news, and the blogs are abuzz with it!

Bin Laden: I’m seeing many celebratory posts and Facebook status updates about this recent development, but I found the musings "On the death of Bin Laden" about being emotionally conflicted very raw and honest. Plus the scriptures references are fascinating. Check it out.  Similarly, isn’t it funny how this advice on “The Abuse of Hate ” worked back in 1943 and also works in 2011. Here’s a sampling: “6. Be cautious, not hateful. Don’t burn up your energy in aimless hatred. Don’t take up personal crusades against enemy nationals, but report to governmental authorities individuals you have reasonable grounds to think should be investigated.” Click to read the rest!

Royal wedding: The royal wedding on Friday prompted "Some thoughts" from this blogger who wondered, "I don’t in any way want to take away from the beauty of their day, and yet I’m always sobered by the words, 'Till death do us part' (or the variations of that phrase that appear in wedding ceremonies). Truly, that to me is the most significant difference between Mormon temple weddings and other weddings. The authority by which temple sealings are performed bind a couple together not just for this life, but into eternity. If marriage covenants are kept, the promise is that death will not sever the relationship. When I see a couple such as William and Kate who appear to love each other so much, I wish for nothing more than for them to be bound to each other beyond death.” Click to see what other moments of the wedding she compared and contrasted.

Alabama tornadoes: Let’s check in on the Alabama Birmingham Mission to see how these missionaries spent a “Day of Service” Saturday distributing a clothing shipment sent from the LDS Church Humanitarian operation in Salt Lake. Wow!

Japan earthquake: And speaking of missionaries and world news, let’s also check in on the Japan Kobe Mission, where we see that many earthquake-displaced missionaries are now happy to be “Returning with Honor to Tokyo.” Hooray!

Mormon musical: OK, this is not about the show on Broadway. Instead, I want to spotlight a “Book of Mormon Mini Musical” for children. Use this script and attached song ideas to stage your own review-worthy “Book of Mormon Musical” in Primary. Love it!

LDS news: I'd be remiss not to mention something noteworthy in the LDS world, so let's check in on the progress of the Gilbert LDS Temple in Arizona that shows some “Amazing Aerial Photos.” Wow!

Now let me break other newsworthy posts from this last week in the Bloggernacle:

Power pick: Mother’s Day is in less than a week, and I have the perfect gift for the moms in your life. It’s the “First Edition of Words of Wisdom,” a printable compilation of quotes for and about women. “Throughout Relief Society’s history, we have had remarkable women leading and teaching us. Recently, General Relief Society President Julie Beck encouraged us to learn more about our history and get to know the words of women who came before us. To this end, we started searching for the voices of women, about women, and for women. ... By making these quotes accessible in this booklet, we can better follow our leaders and learn from our history.” Click to download, print and give this remarkable resource today!

Techie tip: Want to help spread the good news of the gospel via the LDS Newsroom to more and more people? Well “Volunteers (Are) Needed for Mobile Newsroom Project.” LDSTech explains: “The Public Affairs Department would like to have a mobile version of the current Newsroom site to allow users to access major features of the Newsroom site from a mobile device. Currently, a user can access Newsroom from a mobile device by going to the regular Newsroom site at But this site isn’t optimized for mobile devices. This project will improve the Newsroom user’s experience.This is an excellent opportunity to help the Public Affairs Department make it easier for users to get information on a mobile device through a rich web application.” Awesome. Click in to find out how you can help!

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