BYU recently announced an agreement with the Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl for 2011. The Cougars have subsequent hookups with the Poinsettia and Kraft Fight Hunger bowls.

Meanwhile, the Pac-12 also has an agreement with the Fight Hunger Bowl.

Thus, BYU could eventually end up playing Utah in a bowl game, and that raises an interesting idea about the future of the rivalry: keep the doggone thing going.

Just move it out of state.


You've heard of NHL games being played outdoors. You've seen NFL and NBA games played in faraway nations.

What next?

College basketball on an aircraft carrier, of course.

Michigan State and North Carolina are preparing to play a Veteran's Day game in San Diego aboard an aircraft carrier. So after decades of such seafaring sports verbiage as “sank,” “swamped,” “swam,” “sailed” and “cruised,” finally one of the terms might actually fit.

Personally, Rock On wishes someone would torpedo the whole idea.


Stories from the NFL Draft last week said 49ers running back Kendall Hunter likes to take a 10-minute nap before games to help him relax.

As opposed to the rest of the Niners, whose naps can last an entire season.


Rock On couldn't take his eyes off the royal wedding. The groom was tall, strong, graceful. The bride was shining and happy in an elegant flowing dress.

But enough about Dennis Rodman marrying himself.


Frisco RoughRiders pitcher Engel Beltre recently drew a 15-game suspension for apparently tossing a dugout garbage can in to the stands, giving an entirely new meaning to the term “throwing junk.”


Lakers rookie Derrick Caracter was arrested last week in New Orleans following accusations he shoved a cashier at an IHOP.

Rock On has two observations.

First, don't judge him too harshly until you've tasted the omelets.

And second, who says the Lakers have no Caracter?


St. Johns University recently received a basketball commitment from 6-foot-8 forward God's Gift Achiuwa.

Didn't Chad Ochocinco already reserve the rights to that name?


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