"THROUGH HIS EYES: Rethinking what you believe about yourself," by Virginia H. Pearce, $19.99, 112 pages (nf)

Truth seekers will appreciate the conversational style and genuine pearls of wisdom shared by Virginia H. Pearce in her book “Through His Eyes: Rethinking What You Believe About Yourself.”

Comparing our collections of beliefs to the contents of a cluttered closet or “Belief Box,” Pearce clearly defines a challenge we all face: discerning what is eternal truth from relative truths and untruths (mistaken ideas, wrong beliefs or lies).

She uses examples from her life, the lives of friends and the scriptures to succinctly offer specific sound advice on how to decide what is mind clutter, how to clear it, and, once the clutter is cleared, how to keep the space tidy.

“Am I willing to give away my cherished little beliefs — even though they are somewhat comforting (in a perverse way) because of their familiarity” she asks.

“For instance, if I carry the belief that I am hopelessly inadequate and doomed to fail, I no longer feel that I must work diligently — so there is justification in not trying to do difficult things," she said. "For some people, that is an unhappy but comfortable way to live.”

The book is easy to read, nice to look at, has an index and is small enough to be easily tucked into a large purse or briefcase. It is a great read for anyone who wants to honestly examine their beliefs and learn to see themselves more clearly through God’s eyes.

Rosemarie lives in a 100-year old house on Main Street, Springville, Utah. She recently finished work on a documentary for BYU-TV titled "Wei, MinZhi: Daughter of Miracles."

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