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Aprilynne Pike, author of "Illusions," will be in Salt Lake City on May 7 to sign her book.

"ILLUSIONS," by Aprilynne Pike, HarperTeen, $16.99, 375 pages (f)

In “Illusions,” by New York Times bestselling author Aprilynne Pike, readers find Avalon fairy Laurel Sewell, now a senior at Del Norte High School, facing an unknown, but deadly foe.

Tamani is back in her life posing as a high school senior at Del Norte, which means there must be trouble ahead for Laurel and her friends, David and Chelsea. The fairy sentry’s presence continues to leave Laurel torn between two worlds and two loves.

The real danger is finally revealed when Yuki’s true nature is discovered. However, the ending will leave fans dangling, and anxiously waiting, wondering when the fourth and final book will be published, which will be "right around May of next year (2012), I suppose," Pike said in an interview. "Illusions," the sequel to “Wings” and “Spells,” will be available in bookstores May 3.

“I actually had many readers bemoan the ‘cliffhanger’ at the end of 'Spells',” said Pike. “It never occurred to me that it would be read as a cliffhanger. So I started apologizing right then for the way I knew the third book had to end! The first three books take place over the course of a few months, but the final book happens in two days, so my options (for the ending of 'Illusions') were pretty limited.”

Pike knows her audience. This is definitely romantic fantasy for teens.

“I hear from a lot of mothers who have enjoyed reading my books with their daughters,” Pike said. “Being able to provide that kind of shared experience for parents and children pleases me to no end.”

The book does contain infrequent mild swearing, violent troll fights and sexual innuendo that suggests having an intimate physical relationship with a steady boyfriend is the norm.

To watch a trailer promoting “Illusions” go to apparentlyaprilynne.blogspot.com.


What: Aprilynne Pike book signing and book reading

When: Saturday, May 7, 2 p.m.

Where: The King’s English Bookstore, 1511 S. 1500 East, Salt Lake City

Web: kingsenglish.com

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