SALT LAKE CITY — A man was charged with aggravated assault for allegedly stabbing his brother multiple times last Saturday. 

Charges in the 3rd District Court Wednesday state that Jody Ray Vanfleet, 27, caused his brother, Randall Vanfleet to bleed seriously from an altercation in which he stabbed him several times with a  four-to-five inch long knife. 

Randall Vanfleet was taken to University Medical Center where he received treatment on stab wounds to his left side and abdominal area, charges state.   

Salt Lake City Police Lt. Isaac Atencio said police got a call 6:30 p.m. Saturday from a hospital, where Richard Vanfleet initially told police he was stabbed in an alley by a man who attacked him.

While officers were looking for a crime scene, Atencio said he sent officers over to the victim's apartment at 1140 E. Ramona Ave.

"We found blood on the front steps of the apartment and talked to a neighbor. We were able to put together that the victim and brother and a neighbor were working on a car. The two brothers started arguing and went into the apartment. One of them stabbed the other," Atencio said. "The neighbor was then our good Samaritan, who took (the victim) to the hospital, but he didn't call police."

Neighbors called police when the alleged attacker returned home Sunday. 

Spencer Garn