When I was at Weber College, I was a member of the Institute of Religion Board. We had daily classes, and we also held a sacrament meeting each Sunday. We would plan the Sunday services.

Easter was coming up soon, and we wanted the best speaker we could possibly get. In our planning meeting, somone suggested, "Why don't we ask George Albert Smith, the president of the church?"

We all thought that was a great idea, but we wondered if it could be possible. We wrote him a letter, inviting him. To our great surprise, he said, "Yes."

We were all very excited and wondered how we could make it special for him.

Someone said, "Let's have a dinner after the meeting."

Again, we thought, this was a wonderful idea, but where would we have it and who would do the work?

After a few minutes, I thought about it and volunteered my mother. I knew she would do it. She very graciously accepted.

After a beautiful Easter service, President Smith, his daughter, the Institute Board and a few special guests all went to my home where my mother had prepared a marvelous turkey dinner, with hot rolls, pumpkin pie and all the trimmings. It was fabulous. My father and sisters served the dinner.

Everyone had questions for President Smith, and it was a very pleasant conversation. The prophet shared his wisdom and his testimony with us. So we had a feast, both spiritually and physically.

I will never forget that Easter day, and I am forever grateful to my parents for providing this amazing experience for all of us. I am overwhelmed at my parents' goodness and generosity.

LaDona Gammell Russell lives in Murray, Utah.