Smiling Guy: If you were watching, perhaps you caught the “smiling guy at general conference,” you know the one who stood up, turned and smiled at the LDS world? Well the site LDS Friends found him (Dan Smith from Australia) and spotlighted this delightful video interview that explains why he decided to smile at millions of people (hint: it wasn't a prank, just a spontaneous moment of smiling.) Fun!

RS video: Enjoy this “History of the Relief Society Video” put together and shared by this blogger. She explains, “The process of making this has been such a testimony builder of the love of our Heavenly Father towards his daughters and the power of Relief Society to do good in the world. I think sometimes women in the church can get too caught up with what we can’t do that we miss all the good we can do.” Lovely!

Visiting teaching: Check out this beautiful and “Free Printable April 2011” for the visiting teaching message, taking from the theme “Be still and quiet enough to listen to the Spirit.” Download today!

Easter FHE: Need an “Easter FHE” idea for tonight? Then check out this creative one that incorporates and Easter Egg hunt with teaching children about the last days of the Savior using scriptural sources. Plus it includes a fun recipe for “Resurrection Rolls” as the treat. Enjoy!


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