The proud, the few

When the University of Utah introduced basketball coach Larry Krystkowiak last week, President Michael K. Young told a gathering of a hundred or so reporters and boosters: "We're delighted to welcome all of you here today. This is just a small sample of how excited people are about University of Utah basketball."

Not unlike the small sample of excited fans and reporters who attended games last season.

Jimmer to the max

Jimmer, meet The Jimmer.

BYU basketball star Jimmer Fredette appeared last week on the Jimmy Kimmel Show.

The appearance caused no small consternation to Rock On, who spent the rest of the week trying to say "Jimmer Fredette's on Jimmy Kimmel" rapidly 10 times without getting tongue-tied.

Strike two

Asked to compare basketball and golf, Michael Jordan told the media in Las Vegas that golf is an elusive game.

"One of the frustrating parts about it is, one day you feel like you got it, and the next day or the next two days or the next three days you lose it," he said. "If I had to compare the two, I'm glad I didn't play golf because it would have (driven) me nuts."

So instead he tried hitting a baseball?

Attention deficit

Rock On had a slight problem staying interested in BYU's spring football game, seeing how it involved the Whites vs. the Blues.

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On the other hand, he's fairly sure it was more interesting than next season's Nov. 19 game against New Mexico State.

Pennies onthe dollar

Writing an blog, an unidentified MLB player recently criticized Detroit slugger Miguel Cabrera for a DUI arrest in February.

"But, really, why isn't Cabrera paying a guy $100 a night to drive him around? Plenty of guys do that," wrote "Player X."

"That he didn't is a slap in his teammates' faces. Even if it costs $36,000 a year, we have watches worth more than that."

True. So how come Player X is writing blogs for for a few bucks?


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