The blogs have turned their focus towards general conference with preparatory posts including these gems.

Conference tool: “10,000+ talks/24 million words/1850s–2000s”: this is the subtitle to this amazing new “Corpus of General Conference Talks” by BYU professor Mark Davis. Once you click enter, you come into a world where you can input search terms “to look at changes over time — the frequency of words and phrases, word meaning and usage, lists of all words used much more in one period than another, and much more.” Literally, you can analyze whatever you want from conference. Curious about how one gospel term has been discussed throughout conference history? Click in to find out! Fascinating! Hat-tip Kent Larsen at Times and Seasons.

Historical treasures: If you’re headed to conference this weekend, don’t forget to check out the “Historical Treasures on Display during Conference Weekend” at the Church History Library. What will you see? “Over 100 items will be on display, including books, photographs, and journals relating to Mormon history. These seldom-seen materials include a rare Book of Mormon that is translated into both French and German, an 1835 edition of the Doctrine and Covenants and an 1851 edition of the Pearl of Great Price. There will also be collections of materials relating to Mormons in the military, the Laie Hawaii Temple and former Church President Joseph F. Smith.” Click in for more information!

Behind-the-Scenes tour: Logistics. Set-ups. Decorations. Technological testing. Have you ever thought about what goes into producing the huge endeavor that is general conference? Well you can find out what goes on “Behind the Scenes at LDS General Conference” (with included videos) as well as learn how those from around the world view general conference.

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Conference food: Cinnamon rolls. Or perhaps special pancakes. In our family, it’s an eat-all-you-want-as-long-as-you-are-listening-to-conference ice cream bar for the last session. However you savor it, "General Conference (is) a time for family food.” Check out this blogger’s delicious looking recipes!

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