Editor's note: One of several readers' memories of general conference.

As a child, the only way I heard general conference was on the radio.

My mother would tune the dial to the AM station, my dad would lean back in his well-used easy chair, and all of us kids would grab a stack of drawing paper. There in the kitchen, all together, we would sit and listen to general conference.

The voices of the LDS Church prophet, his counselors, and the general authorities would crackle and pop through the air, but the message they relayed was always clear.

I don’t know that I ever saw a prophet speak until I was well on my way to growing up. Today, I still almost always prefer to listen to conference on the radio. However, there is something outstanding and magnificent about attending conference in person and being a witness of the prophet of God.

Sunday morning, Oct. 5, 2008, my mom called and said she had two tickets for the Sunday afternoon session. I was excited and nervous to have the opportunity to attend conference in person. My son, Hayden, accompanied me. Our seats were two rows from the very back and up so high that our heads spun, and we both felt lightheaded.

My brother Todd told us to make sure we looked at the structure of the Conference Center and to take note of the intelligent architecture that lent to the visual gift for each attendee, no matter where they sat. There simply were no obstructions. A clear visual path lead to the pulpit where we listened and watched as speakers shared messages of hope, family time, testimony, teaching the gospel and love.

Without a doubt, the highlight of the meeting was standing among 21,000 other members of the church gathered in the Conference Center while we sang “How Firm a Foundation." The walls rang with a sound that echoed into my heart and filled me with a spirit of true gladness. A feeling that lasted all day long and comes again each time I remember that October day.

Amy Wilde is a writer living in Brigham City, Utah. She blogs at amywildeatmosphere.blogspot.com, and her email is wilde.amy@gmail.com.