Editor's note: One of several readers' memories of general conference.

Growing up, general conference weekend was filled with tradition — picking grapes with the family on Saturday morning while listening to conference on the radio; walking to the stake center with my father for the priesthood session; and going to Grandma’s on Sunday afternoon for conference and one of the best meals of the year.

But tradition did not travel with me to my mission in Germany. Not surprisingly, that’s when I began to actually listen to general conference. Two of those conferences took on added meaning because they were solemn assemblies. I received my mission call from President Ezra Taft Benson, served under President Howard W. Howard, and was released shortly after President Gordon B. Hinckley became the president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The most memorable conference for me was when Elder Jeffrey R. Holland — the newest apostle at the time — bore his witness of President Hunter’s calling: "I testify that God has worked his will on Howard William Hunter. He has touched his lips and spread the prophetic mantle of ordained leadership upon his shoulders. President Hunter is a miracle — one who has been fashioned, molded, refined and sustained for the service he now renders. He is a most remarkable blend of velvet and steel. Like every prophet before him — including Joseph Smith, Jr. — and every prophet who will succeed him, President Hunter was called and foreordained in the grand councils of heaven before this world was. I bear solemn witness of that fact and the principle of church governance it teaches."

Though thousands of miles away, the Spirit burned in my heart and left me with a lasting testimony of God’s prophet. It reminded me that I was engaged in a great cause — the Lord’s work — and gave me renewed strength and determination to share my testimony within the homes and streets of the German people.

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