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Jimmer Fredette

By now, you've probably read, or heard about the article Rick Reilly of wrote about BYU's Jimmer Fredette after the Cougars fell in the NCAA Tournament to Florida in overtime. The story, titled, "Jimmer grows dimmer" basically belittled Fredette's game and predicted him to be an NBA bust, all based on watching him play once.

Here's an excerpt: "Thanks to one of the worst performances of Jimmer Fredette's frabulous career -- and a set of teammates who looked like pizza delivery guys -- the BYU star took a hard fall in the Big Easy. BYU was bumped out of the Sweet Sixteen on Thursday, losing to Florida in a lopsided overtime, 83-74. You can take off those "Romney-Fredette in 2012" T-shirts now. Except for a stretch in the middle, when he was brilliant, Fredette was brutal. Yes, he scored 32 points, but he took 29 shots to do it. He seemed to be wearing a blindfold from the 3-point arc -- 3-for-15. Plus, he committed six turnovers and wandered aimlessly through the lane on defense like Moses in the desert. I've seen dead people play better defense. At least they occasionally trip people. If his last college game is what he's bringing to the NBA, then I'd say, in five years, he's got a really good chance to be your Provo area Isuzu dealer. Great kid, though. Polite, smart (good chess player, whiz at Sudoku), studies his Bible in hotel rooms. Maybe that was the problem. Fredette and the largely Mormon BYU Nation should've never been made to come to New Orleans. You can sin just by osmosis here."

Well, many have come to Fredette's defense. CBS sports' Seth Davis is one of many who has come to Fredette's defense. He sent out this tweet: "I love Rick Reilly but I can't understand why someone would watch Jimmer and write a column about all the things he's not."

One blogger says Reilly's "religious jabs at Jimmer Fredette outrageously unjust." explains that Reilly "snipes at Jimmer Fredette from a heavily fortified position." "Here’s the deal: When you’re an influential national columnist and write a piece ripping a college kid, at least be accountable for it," writes Rick Chandler. "But Reilly lives in a celebrity bubble where the common man isn’t allowed to approach the throne. There’s no comments section at the end of his columns (Bill Simmons is similarly protected by the ESPN mother ship), and so he can take his potshots with impunity. That just makes him look like a bully.

The Albany Times-Union acknowledged that "not everyone is in love with Glens' Falls' Jimmer Fredette."

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