Baseball Mormons: Kent Larsen has once again provided a list of “Major League Mormons” playing at the highest levels of professional baseball. And it looks to be an exciting year of baseball for these Mormons: “If you follow baseball, (and maybe even if you don’t) you may find it interesting to know which players you see are Mormon, and who might make it to the majors this year. The team you follow may include a Mormon player you don’t know about, or you might like to know about the Mormon players on visiting teams. My own lists of Mormons who have played in the majors includes about 75 Mormons (including inactive LDS Church members and others with Mormon heritage) who have played in the majors.” Check it out!

Revelation translations: “We wanted to mix the real world with the online world and the blogs are a way to get the information to some of the people who are most interested," said Richard E. Turley, assistant church historian, in answer to the question, “Why invite bloggers to the release of the new Joseph Smith Papers volume?" Bloggers have since responded with some fascinating posts, including “To Read Them Over and Over: Revelations and Translations Volume 2.”

Metal plates: Biblical scholars, as well as LDS scholars, are intrigued by the recent “Discovery of Metal Plates” in a remote cave in the Jordan area. Margaret Barker explains, “If they are a forgery, what are they a forgery of? Most fakes are drawn from existing material, but there is nothing like this that I have seen.” Click to see what else these scholars are saying about this fascinating find.

Humanitarian aid: These bloggers chronicle a whirlwind tour with “Elder and Sister Dow, humanitarian aid directors for the church” throughout Burundi, visiting hospitals, charitable organizations and schools. And the photos of people needing aid are just remarkable. They conclude: “This was a week to remember and to learn from. All of the explorations to find a partner for this project were very fruitful. At the end of this year, the Dows will return to Bujumbura with their team of trainers, who will meet with people from most of these organizations in Bujumbura, which will bless the lives of hundreds who will receive wheelchairs that will fit their needs and give them a better quality of life.” Wow.

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