Video contest: I have not one, not two, but 43 videos to highlight today, all of these in the running to become new Mormon Message videos. And you can vote in this “International Video Contest” for your favorites. What fun! Click to both enjoy and be inspired!

Young Adults: So I had heard about Centers for Young Adults in Europe but had no idea that there was a pilot program of these centers right here in the United States. This blogger describes the “Center for Young Adults Going Strong” in Los Lunas, N.M.: “Dinner begins at 6 p.m. on Thursday nights. At 7, a gospel discussion is led by Brother Alec Smith, of the Church Educational System. … At 8, several activities are available to meet a variety of interests. Recent activities at the center have included glow-in-the-dark volleyball/dodgeball, broom soccer, mixer games, an exercise/dance class, finger-painting card games and board games. … If you are a young adult and crave good, wholesome fun and peer interaction, the Center for Young Adults is for you.” Wow.

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LDS Tools: Did you know that you can use the new app LDS Tools to “Put Your Ward List on Your Smartphone with Mapping”? The Mormon Life Hacker outlines how! “The interface is simple, but works just how you’d expect. Once you log in with your LDS account, it will automatically download your entire stake directory, and also choose your home ward as the default view. From there you can search the ward directory, switch to another ward or view by calling. The calling view is great if you need to know who the stake executive secretary is to schedule a temple recommend renewal appointment, or are new in the ward and need to get in touch with the Relief Society president, bishop or whoever.” Click to find out more! badges: Looking to decorate your blog and spread the gospel? Then check out this post that explains that has supplied 28 different linked badges to choose from. Click to see some of the options! Cool.