Matt Clayton

It was a good week for Provos Fictionist.

The band, which returns home to play a show on March 18 at Sammys in Provo, recently found out it is advancing to Round 2 of Rolling Stone magazines Do You Wanna Be A Rock & Roll Star? competition along with seven other unsigned bands. The winner of the competition will get a spot on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine and a deal with Atlantic Records.

Rolling Stone publisher Matt Mastrangelo and music editor Nathan Brackett passed on the news to the band members over Skype — but not before they had a little fun first.

After some initially discouraging comments, Mastrangelo finally spilled Fictionists fate.

What Ive got to say is, unfortunately you guys now have got to pack your bags and get to New York by Tuesday, he said.

The news instantly changed the band members solemn expressions into whoops and cheers, and even laughter.

Singer-bassist Stuart Maxfield said his heart sank when Mastragelo said the word unfortunately.

I was thinking that it was like the most like jerky thing to do, to Skype us and tell us no, he said.

Mastrangelo complimented the band on harnessing social media and its fan base, and also commented on its fans in Utah.

It seems like people in Salt Lake City are pretty pumped up, Brackett said.

Prior to the good news, Maxfield said he was a little nervous.

We can see some of the numbers, like Facebook and all that, but we cant really see what ratings people are giving us, and so we werent really certain how we were stacked up, he said.

Fictionist spent a full week in New York, where the band performed live in front of Rolling Stone staff members, representatives from Atlantic Records and corporate sponsors.

The recording sessions were Maxfields favorite part of the bands visit to New York, despite a few bumps along the way — including one band member getting sick.

(Drummer) Aaron (Anderson) was a little bit sick, but then he just played the drums so furiously he just had to barf, Maxfield said.

The remainder of the competition will be determined solely by fan voting.

Youre one step closer to getting onto the cover of Rolling Stone, Mastrangelo said.

Once the new videos of the bands are posted online, votes can be cast at More information on Fictionist can be found on its Facebook page and at

Friday nights performance at Sammys, located at 27 N. 100 West in Provo, is part of iHappiPalooza, which begins at 7 p.m. Its being called a free block-party and also includes The Vibrant Sound, the Neighbors, Allred and Mindy Gledhill.