New media: How can we connect with those not of our faith? How can we connect with the youth? This blogger describes the importance of using “New media” tools to further the gospel cause: “We have the opportunity to employ new tools to connect to each other, to change and to be changed by each other. And we can apply them both internally and externally. Internally, these tools can help us be more effective in creating the community of the Saints, the body of Christ.”

Click for his fascinating essay. And speaking of new media:

Do you know about all the “RSS Feeds from the LDS Church”? Larry Richman describes RSS feeds and lays out a wonderful list of many, if not all, of the text, audio (podcasts) and video feeds to which you can subscribe. Amazing.

And did you see this notice that the “Church Releases a New Youth Site and App”? The site “has been redesigned to feature a more contemporary design that features fresh content. New content will be added to the site every week, and a mobile application that brings the website’s content to various mobile devices is now available for download in the iTunes store.” Awesome! Let the young men and young women in your life know!

Japan Earthquake: “Today we sang 'I Need Thee Every Hour' at church. (That song) has a lot of meaning right now. ... Please pray for us (us being everyone in Japan) and if you feel so inclined, find a way to send some warm blankets to people who've lost their homes. Don't know when I'll be back online again, but hopefully soon.” This, from a blogger who chronicled what it was like “Surviving the Earthquake in Japan.” Wow.