SALT LAKE CITY — The Senate passed a bill late Thursday night that gives legal definition to a sweet Utah staple—raw honey. 

HB148, which would require honey labeled as "raw" to be minimally processed and not undergo pasteurization, passed 27-1. It now moves to the governor for his action.

The bill's text originally required raw honey to not be heated above 118 degrees, a number sponsoring Rep. Stephen Sandstrom, R-Orem called "arbitrary." After consulting with local honey producer Miller Honey and other smaller producers, Sandstrom agreed to change the language to "minimally processed."

The bill is the first of many raw food bills Sandstrom hopes to pass.

Next up? Raw milk. 

Sandstrom said he plans to tackle legislation next session that he hopes will make it easier for farmers to sell raw product. He said he expects a positive response from the Legislature.

Amanda Verzello