ST. GEORGE — Police say a harassment victim nearly had his hand blown off Wednesday after the alleged harassers threw a dry ice bomb on his porch while the police were still there.

About 10 p.m., police were called to a home on a report of a harassment complaint. The alleged harasser was a sibling of one of the occupants, said St. George police officer Johnny Heppler.

While the officer was interviewing the man and taking notes, police say a car drove by and two occupants threw a two-liter pop bottle onto the porch.

"One of the victims walked out and thought they were throwing garbage on his lawn and was about to pick it up," Heppler said.

But just as the man was about to touch the bottle, the officer yelled at him to stop and back away because it could be dangerous. Just as the victim started to back away, the bottle made a hissing noise and exploded.

"It could have very easily caused serious bodily injury or death," Heppler said.

The patrol officer got in his car and took off after the people that had thrown the bottle. The couple had parked their car around the corner.

Danny Karren, 41, and Kristy Karren, 40, were each arrested and booked into the Washington County Jail for investigation of domestic violence-related aggravated assault, domestic violence-related stalking, aggravated assault, possession of an explosive device and assault on a police officer.

Utah State court records show Danny Karren has an extensive criminal record including convictions for theft, burglary, credit card-related thefts and wanton destruction of wildlife

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