PROVO — A Provo Web design company that closed its doors Tuesday says it will make good on its promise to pay employees and help its customers find other options.

HIT Web Design's attorney, Sonny Olsen, says the company will be making a statement on its future in the next few days.

Meanwhile, HIT is forwarding its customers to web hosting company Fibernet.

Fibernet says it's trying to keep all of HIT's clients online. At one time, HIT had up to 20,000 customers and hundreds of employees.

"The board is hard at work," Olsen said. "We're looking for a solution. We're looking for a way to meet these contractual obligations."

However, at the company's headquarters Wednesday, KSL cameras caught a large trailer driving away. People were also seen walking to their cars carrying items from the building.     

Last May, KSL 5 News investigated complaints lodged against the company and its business practices, and exposed a business failing to meet clients' expectations.

Complaints from across the country included unfinished websites, slow progress, and unauthorized credit card charges.

HIT claimed it was giving customers exactly what they had agreed to in a lengthy contract that many never bothered to read.