OGDEN — Once the Lone Peak students realized they were going to play against Fremont, the first word that came to everyone’s mind was revenge.

Students started reminiscing back to this fall. It was the exact same scenario this past football season, Lone Peak vs. Fremont in the semi-finals.

Fortunately for the Silver Wolves, they beat the Knights, moving on to the finals. So going into this game, Lone Peak meant business.

If the students weren’t filled with excitement up to Weber State, they sure were once they walked into the stadium. With spirit buses and other students car-pooling up to the game, the student sections were filled. It was a game no one wanted to miss; it started out slow, both sides cocky. Then the first basket was made — Nick Emery with a 3.

With the start of the game, students from both Lone Peak and Fremont were raging and cheering on strong. By the end of the first quarter, the teams were tied at 15.

With back-to-back penalties on Lone Peak, the Knights' momentum started to slowly slip away. This continued on up to the half, where Fremont led by 15 points.

Although Lone Peak may have been down by double digits, Lone Peak considers itself a second-half team. But even with that hope in mind, the Lone Peak fans were starting to lose hope.

Around the middle of the third quarter, the score was tied again at 47. The Lone Peak fans were going wild; they knew they had to keep everyone on their feet if they wanted to take the lead.

The attitude switched and the game was back on. Fans were going ballistic. It was one of the most high-energy basketball games of the season. The cheers never stopped; the energy never simmered; and without the fans, the Knights may not have gained their second wind.

With the end of the game was approaching, both teams switched off one-point leads. With multiple fouls on the Fremont side, the Silver Wolves could not take control of the ball.

With about two minutes left and Lone Peak with possession of the ball, Berry and Haws tried to waste time so they had just enough to score and win. Their little game of monkey-in-the-middle was interrupted when Fremont got a hold of the ball.

As if it were even possible, the stands got even louder. The pressure was on as fans were banging on their seats. With both free throws made by Haws, the Knights took a three-point lead.

Down to the last seconds of the game, there was not one person sitting down. Fremont tried to redeem itself with one shot left at .6 seconds, but missed, thus moving Lone Peak on to the state finals.

Taylor is a junior journalism student at Lone Peak High School.