SALT LAKE CITY — Gov. Gary Herbert criticized the federal government's takeover of health care before a House Committee in the nation's capital Tuesday.

Herbert also defended reforms Utah made to its health care system over the last five years and argued that every state should be able to tailor solutions to its unique circumstances, according to text of his speech. 

"The federal government has taken the opposite approach, with a one-size-fits-all decree," Herbert told the House Energy and Commerce Committee, which was hearing testimony on the new federal health care law. "The lessons (Utah) learned in our experiments in health system reform can serve as a guide to other states as they begin their own reform efforts.”

Herbert was critical of Congress and the Obama administration for not seeking the input of governors. He said states are in a "subservient role" to the federal government.

Herbert then explained that Utah health care reforms have been tailored to serve Utah's large populations of young people and people employed by small businesses that usually don't provide health insurance benefits.

His testimony followed a weekend of meetings with the National Governors Association.