Editor's note: This is one in a series about Mormons who blog.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints provides scriptures, teachings of the latter-day prophets and apostles, and other instructional materials to help individuals and families learn, live and share the gospel of Jesus Christ. In the last few years, the church has made great progress in providing materials electronically by way of websites, scriptures online, mobile applications, online videos, streamed radio content and a huge online gospel library. Electronic means can provide materials more quickly, less expensively and more directly to people who can use them. Multiple formats can make it more likely that people will engage with the materials.

For example, in addition to the printed text of general conference in the church magazines and traditional CDs and DVDs, the church also provides electronic text, audio and video on LDS.org, Mormon Channel radio, YouTube, iTunes and BYU-TV. Anyone can even get daily quotes from conference at twitter.com/ldsgencon. There are a lot of ways to get conference, and there is no excuse not to watch it and study it over and over again.

Here are a few of the amazing resources the church provides that many people aren’t yet aware of:

• Mormon Message videos (mormonmessages.org). Most of these new videos produced every two to three weeks are for general audiences, and some are created specifically for youth.

• Twenty-four-hour streaming radio station on the Internet and XM radio (radio.lds.org).

• Online, interactive versions of the new Personal Progress and Duty to God materials (personalprogress.lds.org and DutyToGod.lds.org).

• Online library of manuals, magazines and conference talks on mobile applications that work on most of the popular devices (mobile.lds.org).

• Online study tools that allow people to read and annotate magazines, manuals and conference talks. Highlights and notes sync whether entered online or on a mobile device.

• The movie “Joseph Smith: The Prophet of the Restoration” (as shown in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building) is available for your family on the DVD set “Doctrine & Covenants and Church History Visual Resource.” It also includes four other movies and hundreds of church history pictures, charts, quotes and study activities at the cost of $4.50.

• Scores of official church websites.

• Dozens of official church pages on Facebook.

• Several official church channels on YouTube.

• A dozen official church feeds on Twitter.

• Podcasts and more through the Mormon Channel in iTunes (iTunes.lds.org).

Consider the following ways to keep up on all the great new church resources:

LDS.org features on the home page.

• Church News and Events section of LDS.org (news.lds.org).

• LDSMediaTalk blog (LDSMediaTalk.com).

• Church News (LDSChurchNews.com).

• Mormon Times (MormonTimes.com).

• Church Public Affairs Newsroom (newsroom.lds.org) and the Newsroom blog (newsroom.lds.org/blog).

• Church Facebook pages, Twitter feeds and YouTube channels. (See a list of them at LDSMediaTalk.com.)

Once you find out about great church materials and other resources, please share that information with others. Use social media, e-mail and word of mouth to let them know about what you’ve learned. Rate the videos, retweet good information and click share when you see something you think your friends would like to see. If you click “Like” on the church pages on Facebook, you will get status updates in your news feed. The more you click “Like” on individual status updates, the more they will be seen by your friends. This is a great way to get information about the church on your friends’ pages.

If you have ideas on what to do to better inform people about new materials, please let me know by commenting at LDSMediaTalk.com.


Larry Richman is the director of product awareness for curriculum materials at the church and producer of LDSMediaTalk.com.

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