Original text: Want to see some amazing photos of the original text of the Book of Mormon, as well as how scholars are carefully working on it? Then check out this post, where editor Royal Skousen outlines some “Major Findings of the Critical Text Project.”

Here’s a taste: “One of the biggest discoveries of the critical text project was to find that for one-sixth of the Book of Mormon text the printer’s manuscript was not the manuscript taken to the 1830 printer; instead it was the original manuscript. And we can see this quite well from the pencil marks in this color photograph of the original manuscript for Helaman 15:9-14.” Check it out!

YA center: Have you ever heard of the European “Centers for Young Adults”? These are LDS-sponsored institute/activity centers that are “meeting the social and intellectual needs of young single adult church members.”

Learn more about this inspired program from this Swedish missionary couple’s post that outlines the history of these centers, which now number about 30! Cool.

Cerebral palsy: Videographer Seth Adam Smith explains that “Cooper Buresh was born with cerebral palsy. That doesn't keep him from having a life full of joy, happiness and service. Buresh is currently serving an In-Service mission at the Bishop's Storehouse in Boise, Idaho. He volunteers his time to serve those who are in need.”

Click to watch this inspiring video about Buresh’s dedication to serve and testify.

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