Courtesy of the Terks
The Terks were named "Best Band" at the eWorld Music Awards.

Like Neon Trees and Fictionist, local rock band the Terks is becoming one of Utah's bands on the national radar.

Last Saturday in Hollywood, the Terks won the title "Best Band" for artists not signed with a major label in the eWorld Music Awards. Aside from bragging rights, the band also won studio time with award-winning producer Drew Lane and a guitar as a trophy.

In addition, the band will have a song featured on the movie "Stranded," created by the producers of "Twilight."

The Terks found out about halfway through the awards show that they had won the competition.

"We all just kind of ran out there on stage and we were pretty excited," said drummer Josh Eastman, also known as "Stu" by fellow band members.

Eastman said the Terks respected the bands they were competing against, but they also felt optimistic before the show.

"We felt like we had an in, because we had such a unique sound that is appreciated by people from so many different areas, and so we knew that would really help us out with the votes and also with the judging panel," he said.

The music awards initially selected only six bands out of thousands to compete for the Best Band title. The last round of the competition was decided 50 percent by fan vote and 50 percent by a judging panel.

The Terks were crowned winners thanks to a large margin from voters and a unanimous vote from the judges. The three judges present in the final stages of the competition were Drew Lane (Billboard winner for work on "High School Musical"), Tom Trbovich (Grammy and Emmy winner and director of "We are the World," the "Tonight Show" with Johnny Carson and Jay Leno, "The Midnight Special" and others) and Chris Donavon (four-time Emmy winner for work on the Independent Spirit Awards and the Golden Globes).

Eric Hughes, lead guitarist, said the Terks' goals are largely the same as they have always been, but they have obviously changed some since the band's inception.

"We may be thinking on a larger scale now as far as maybe getting signed or playing good shows out of town as well as the local scene," he said.

Hughes said the band definitely wants to sign a good record deal that will allow them to keep creative control of their songs.