Mormonism’s moment: The Washington Post’s On Faith reporter wonders if “with former Utah governor Jon Huntsman and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney both believed to be gearing up for a run for the presidency, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has again found itself answering questions about what these two prominent members believe.” So is it "Mormonism’s Moment"? Check out what it says.

Scripture footnotes: Marvin Perkins outlines recent “Changes to LDS Scriptures Headings and Footnotes” in this fascinating blog post at He asks, “I’d love to hear your thoughts as you prayerfully review the changes asking 'what would the Lord have me understand about these recent changes?’... Even couched in kind tones, today we find many in the church who utilize labels of separation like your people, our people etc. We are one. The invitation is to all, to study these scripture references and ask God if they are true and what He would have you understand, which He will communicate through the Holy Ghost. This is His pattern by which we may know the truth of all things.” Check it out.

Google alerts: Did you know that you could “Use Google Alerts for Family History Research”? Yet another great tip from the Mormon Life Hacker, who outlines how this technological tool can be set to help you find genealogical treasures. It can literally do the searching for you.

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Pioneer arts: Recently, this blogger joined the Utah Pioneer Heritage Arts, which is “a place where people who practice ‘Pioneer Arts’ such as storytelling, old-time dancing, wood working, lace making, etc. can be found for promotion to tourism interests. The group also has a strong educational mandate to promote pioneer arts to young people as a way of passing on the traditions. I guess the idea is that eventually the notion of a ‘Utah Pioneer’ might have some cache similar to ‘Amish Country.’” Read about the new television program planned and whom to contact if you have pioneer skills or interests.

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