Ice cream: “Eat Ice Cream, Save A Baby” is a blog/Facebook initiative to help the owners of the Sub Zero ice cream shop, whose young son Zeke is in Primary Children’s Hospital with a serious case of RSV and heart complications. If you live near Provo, Utah, click to learn about how you can help! It’s as easy as going out for an ice cream treat.

Mormon food: Hungry to learn more about Mormon food culture? Check out this fascinating interview with Kate Holbrook on the culture of Mormon food in the 20th century. Open the KCRW media player. Scroll over to the 41st minute, and enjoy some musings on food storage, funeral potatoes and other Mormon food storage.

Blog lessons: “In the past year of having a blog I have had my eyes opened to many things. I know that the blogging community is very supportive and will go to great lengths to shower someone with love who is struggling or in need of care and kind words.” This is just one of the “Blog Lessons Learned” this blogger shares with us. I also appreciated her list of six tips for having a blog, including the power of networking, the importance of being positive and why bloggers should not take things personally. Nice.

Baby Kit: If you have a baby in your home, then you need to check out the important information about preparing a “Baby 72-Hour Kit.” Just like with caring for a baby, you need to include extra essentials to keep them warm, fed, safe and comforted. Click for this blogger’s list!

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