SALT LAKE CITY — Congressman Rob Bishop is right at home at the GOP-dominated Utah Legislature. He served as Speaker of the House in the ’90s. And now as a conservative U.S. representative he says things that appeal to like-minded state lawmakers.

A plea for states rights always plays well. Bishop, R-Utah, is a big advocate for the 10th Amendment, which says powers not delegated to the federal government are reserved to the states.

In his annual visit to the Utah House and Senate, he talked about the so-called "Repeal Amendment," which would essentially give states the power to veto federal laws and regulations.

"This is not a power grab," Bishop said. "This is simply a balancing of the federal government and the states to give everyone a voice."

If the amendment were adopted, states would be able override the president or Congress with a two-thirds majority vote of all the states.

Should states think a policy is wrong, they should be able to tell Washington to rethink it, to do it over, he said.

Utah lawmakers have already been thinking along those lines.

Rep. Dave Clark, R-Santa Clara, has a resolution calling for a constitutional convention to propose an amendment that would permit the repeal of any federal law or regulation if it were ratified by two-thirds of state legislatures.