• Be among the first to share your time and talents on the new church website: http://vineyard.lds.org. #lds #mormon
  • 3,700 small and simple things to do on The Vineyard. Visit http://vineyard.lds.org. #lds #mormon
  • 2,000 members are currently completing work on the church's new volunteer site. Visit http://vineyard.lds.org to begin. #lds #mormon
  • Three minutes equals three completed tasks on The Vineyard. Visit http://vineyard.lds.org to begin today. #lds #mormon
  • The tweets keep coming in, pointing to this new site. But what is exactly is the new vineyard.lds.org? I decided to do a little bit of investigating.

    First, let’s go to the blog LDS Media Talk, where Larry Richman describes what it means to begin “Helping in the Vineyard Online”: “By simply creating a personal profile, anyone can access a number of tasks such as updating Church publications, media tagging, document translation, and video editing. The great part about it is that it only takes about 5 minutes to complete one task. All you need is an Internet connection, computer, or web-capable phone to get started.

    “Before the site is officially launched to the membership of the church, the Vineyard team is looking for individuals to help test volunteer activities for the church publications group. Specifically, they are looking for individuals to participate in page break, paragraph matching, or paragraph comparison activities to ensure that the system is functioning appropriately. The Vineyard Team has a goal of completing over 3,000 church publications tasks by February 4.”

    Feb. 4? That’s Friday! Although, as the above tweets hint, people are already jumping into the vineyard to help. You can also be a part of this awesome beta experiment by registering. Then you click into the opportunities to peruse what’s available. Once you find an activity to start, save it to your workspace and work on it whenever it is convenient. Cool! So go forth into the vineyard and serve.

    And speaking of service, the blogs highlighted some beautiful worldwide examples of charity this week:

    Did you know that hundreds of LDS kids starve to death each year in Ecuador and Guatemala? This blogger highlights this awful statistic in a fascinating interview with Brad Walker, founder of the Liahona Children’s Foundation, who is trying to solve “The Problem of Malnutrition.” Click to learn more!

    These missionaries in the West Indies Mission report how the LDS Church just donated 250 “Wheelchairs for Trinidad Children.” This blogger writes, “In thanking the Church for their donation, a representative of Missions International said, ‘this is not a job. It is an act of love, commitment, dedication and frustration ... and the joy of coming together to assist those in need.’” And click to read about the next amazing service project.

    Finally, over in Mongolia, the LDS Church partnered with the International Women’s Association “To Donate 75 Bales of Clothing and Bedding.” Wow! Click to see the entire account (with many great photos) of those working to get, move and sort all the charitable donations.

    Now find other blogs volunteering amazing information from this last week in the Bloggernacle:

    Power pick: “‘I thought you took the bus without me,’ he said. ‘I would never, ever do that,’ I said. ‘I know. I forgot.’” So goes a conversation between a son and a father after the son got lost for a moment and panicked. Later that night, the father likened it to being spiritually lost “sometimes for years, unable to find my Father, panicked and running, unable to recognize His voice, having forgotten that He would still be there somewhere, until someone stopped me and pointed Him out to me.” Click to read the entire beautiful essay “On being lost.”

    Techie tip: Next time your child exclaims that they are bored, (or the next time you yourself are bored) head on over to the new “Articles of Faith Memory Quest Game” recently uploaded at The Friend. Hat-tip to LDS Media Talk for this fun and educational resource.

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