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The Geigerrig hydration system won the 2011 In-New-Vation Award for best new product at the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market in Jan. 2011 in Salt Lake City.

SALT LAKE CITY — An Ogden company is soaking up plenty of praise for its high-tech enhancement of consuming water on the run or hike or bike.

The Geigerrig won the 2011 In-New-Vation Award for best new product at the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market earlier this month in Salt Lake City. Officially introduced in July, the Geigerrig unit is unique because it provides a pressurized spray of water into the user's mouth with the same pinch of a bite valve similar to most other hydration backpacks.

Company vice president of operations Bob Geiger said the idea of pressurization was conceived when he was serving as a rifle platoon commander in the Marine Corps.

"We had about 4 pounds of water on the back of every single Marine in the platoon," he explained. "It was really inconvenient how traditional hydration packs were laid out."

He said the fact that the water was only accessible when sucked through the pinch valve, made it only usable to drink.

"The Marine carrying the water could only use it for himself — and just to hydrate," he said. "It was hard to get the water out to clean up gear, to share (with a fellow Marine), to clean out a wound, (or) the restricted use to conduct field hygiene."

Geiger said the promise of convenience of the traditional hydration pack was not fulfilled. A hydration system should truly make it easy to transfer that water around, he said.

With that in mind, he said the company worked for two years to develop a pressurized system that would provide the versatility needed for multi-functional use. "You get a reliable, constant powerful spray throughout the use of the system," Geiger said.

The Geigerrig employs a separate water and pressure chamber to allow water from the valve to stream out in a spray. Currently, the systems come in 2- or 3-liter sizes along with a variety of pack setups. Prices range from about $110 up to $140 for full hydration pack systems or the pressurization chamber or filtration accessories can be purchased separately for use with other non-Geiger hydration packs.

The packs and accessories can be purchased online directly from the company or picked up at a local area retailer at no additional cost.

He said the Geigerrig system is designed to allow people to get the most out of their hydration packs in virtually any situation.

"I can get to more water and use it for all the purposes I need to use water for and keep on going," Geiger said.

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