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The Pharaoh's Daughter is the second book in the adventures of Isabelle Webb written by N.C. Allen.

Award-winning author Nancy Campbell Allen has released the second installment in her Isabelle Webb adventures, “The Pharaoh’s Daughter,” this month. This adventure follows Isabelle, former Pinkerton spy, as she launches into a dynamic struggle to protect the people she loves.

Following the abduction of young Sally Rhodes and Alice Bilbey in India, Isabelle is determined to recover the girls and return them to safety. With the help of dashing brothers James and Phillip Ashby, Isabelle trails the girls to Egypt where they are all embraced by a matron from Isabelle’s past.

Unaware that their nemesis, Thaddeus Sparks, is watching from the shadows, the group reunites and embarks on a venture to discover secrets along the Nile. Intent on exploring the world of ancient Egypt, the eclectic company teams up on a journey into the world of the past.

Phillip and Alice each experience painful side effects from the mysterious Jewel of Zeus, which James now secretly guards. Thaddeus, now partnered with the malevolent group the Federation, wants nothing more than to obtain the Jewel of Zeus for himself. He will go to any means necessary to claim it.

While excavating a cave supposedly housing the remains of a pharaoh’s disgraced daughter, Isabelle must protect her young wards from new dangers and search out treasures that could change the world forever.

Comment on this story

Allen has long been fascinated with the Egyptology craze of the late nineteenth century and found it a pleasure to place her characters within that setting. Her historical research breathes a life into the story that draws the reader into the world of ancient Egypt.

“The Pharaoh’s Daughter” is an intriguing book. Allen has created in Isabelle Webb a character that is strong and independent while still retaining a gentle and compassionate nature. The Ashby brothers add an additional depth to the tale through their valor, but it really is Isabelle that shines in the text.

Allen has produced yet another work her readers will excitedly delve into and devour.

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