On Faith: “Ask the wrong question, and you'll get a wrong answer.” This is the observation from Michael Otterson in answering a recent On Faith question about healing in America. He explains, “The correct question for debate today ... is whether sincerely held religious beliefs are generally entitled to the deference they have traditionally received under the Constitution and our way of life, or whether freedom of religion has become nothing more than a platitude, with little meaning or protection in today's workplace.” Click in to read more!

Mommy bloggers: “Sometimes being a Mormon housewife is great! Sometimes it is rosy and blissful. But when it is, it's not because we can surf the web looking for adorable images to paste on our blog. Or cook the best lasagna-type dish in the crock pot. It's because of what we believe. It's the very ideas and thoughts that make our lives what they are. Our hopes, our faith, our views of eternity. This is what makes us ... fascinating." I just have to give major kudos to C.Jane for this incredible essay on Mormon mommy blogging because it made me think and made me laugh. She invites us all to “Follow Me Here” in discovering what it truly means to be a Mormon mommy blogger.

Senior missionaries: “Can we afford to serve?” “Is my health good enough?”Can I handle being with my ‘companion’ for 24 hours a day?”How about my family” These and other Senior Missionary Questions are answered by a recently returned senior missionary who describes the many Lessons Learned on My Senior Couple Mission.” If you, or someone you know, are contemplating a senior mission experience, then check out this amazing resource. 

Facebook fast: “That website takes up so much of my time!” So says this blogger in determining that he needed to take a “10-Day Facebook Fast.” And he has two ways of doing it. For those with willpower, it’s a one-step process. For those without willpower, it’s a five-step process that includes a randomly generated password and a future e-mail. Check to see how he does it!

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