Religious education: What’s it like being a new professor of Church History and Doctrine at BYU? In this fascinating essay, Rachel Cope describes working in “Religious Education at BYU” and explains, “While it is true that religious education is not for everyone, it is not true that it is a miserable place to be. It is not true that you have to set everything aside and fit into one particular mold, or that you abandon scholarship as you pass through the doors of the Joseph Smith Building. ... I believe the future is bright. May we all learn from their wise counsel as we work together (wherever we land) to improve scholarship and teaching in Mormon history.”

Five restorations: “While we commonly talk about the up-and-down cycle of the Nephites, we usually assume that there was nevertheless an unbroken line of prophetic leadership, priesthood authority and church organization from Nephi through Moroni. From a careful reading of the Book of Mormon, I am not sure that was the case at all. I think there are at least five (5) places where a restoration occurs in the Book of Mormon.” This blogger outlines these “Five Nephite Restorations” where it seemed that there was “divine intervention to restore doctrine, authority, ordinances and/or church organization.”

Sacred grove: Let’s virtually visit the “Sacred Grove in Summer.” The main color? Green. Everything is beautifully green, from the trees, to the grasses, to the plants. Check out all these gorgeous photos of this sacred place.

Argument-free marriage: Want to learn this blogger’s “Secrets to An Argument-Free Marriage”? She lists 11 tips for avoiding contention including “admit when you are wrong” and “criticize gently and only when totally necessary” and especially “remember that you love your spouse.”

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