SALT LAKE CITY — A simple red light violation led to a high speed chase and the discovery of a bounty of stolen property — from Utah Jazz tickets and Social Security cards to LDS Church documents.

The Dec. 6 traffic stop in Salt Lake County also prompted the Thursday filing in 3rd District Court of nine felonies and four misdemeanors against Brandon Michael Wyatt, 20, of West Valley City.

Charges include possession of a controlled substance, unlawful possession of another's identification documents, possession of forged documents and multiple driving offenses.

A statement by officers involved in the traffic stop said they noticed a car run the red light at 4500 South near Highland Drive. The car sped up after police turned on their lights and sirens, going fast through neighborhoods until the vehicle hit a bump and "sparks flew."

Once stopped, officers got Wyatt out of the car and a subsequent search revealed a slew of property that pointed to a November crime spree, charging documents state.

As an example, the officers say they found an $800 computer, another man's drivers license, a woman's Social Security card, 17 checks belonging to a Layton hotel, multiple credit cards belonging to others and LDS paperwork that included the names, birthdays and telephone numbers of a couple and their six children.

In tracking the property back to the suspected victims, police say they documented victim accounts of several car, home and business burglaries that happened in November of 2010.

Along with the property found in the car, police said was a set of lock picks.