Church traffic: Ever wondered how many people visit the LDS Church sites? Or how many websites the church operates? Well this blogger explains that “I work for the LDS Church and I am in charge of Web analytics for the church. I am privy to all the official LDS sites’ Web traffic stats, and therefore people often ask me, both in my professional and personal life, for facts and figures about Church’s Web presence.” And nicely he presents it to us in downloadable form. Check it out!

Stripling warriors: Want to see some modern-day “Stripling Warrior Sons”? Look no further than this blog that highlights eight African missionaries who joyfully greeted Elder Holland, were taught at his feet and “courageously commenced teaching the gospel in the city of Bujumbura” Burundi. Click for all the beautiful photos!Connect tracking

Temple trip: What’s it like to dress a 12-year-old with cerebral palsy? It’s “like dressing a praying mantis.” And in this beautifully written post we find out what it’s like to take this same 12-year-old on his “First Trip” to the temple and the struggles to get him out of his wet baptismal clothes. Here’s a small peek: “I suppose I should end this with some deep lesson learned from this amazing spiritual experience. But I can’t. For me, it was another day, navigating an abled world with a disabled boy, trying to make it as enjoyable for him as possible. It’s hard work. ... Perhaps, if I am honest with myself I can see the importance of this service. This night we served those who are dead. But, much more importantly to me, I served one who is living, my son.” Click for the entire incredible essay.

Prophet’s wife: Who was the first wife of Brigham Young? I couldn’t name her until I read this fascinating post all about “The Story of a Stone: Miriam Works Young.” For years, her grave site was practically ignored and her gravestone desecrated. Find out what happened then to honor her memory.

On Jeopardy: "I've been on a lot of game show sets, but this one was really a unique experience. I've never played Jeopardy! with a dozen of those suction cup/electrode things taped to my chest, for one thing." Likely you’ve heard about Ken Jennings taking on the computer Watson next month, and you can get the inside scoop on what it was like by visiting his blog. Cool.