Fun and games

Finally, ex-Jazz forward Kris Humphries is a big story.

Not a big basketball story, but why split hairs?

Humphries has been linked since December to TV star Kim Kardashian. Regarding the relationship, she said, “I'm having a lot of fun.”

As for Humphries, it's a bit more complicated.

On one hand, he's dating a lovely tabloid superstar. On the other hand, he plays for the victory-challenged Nets.

One can only imagine how much fun that is.

Pull over

BYU basketball star Jimmer Fredette was asked after his 47-point rampage against Utah a week ago whether he would have liked to score 50, to which he replied, “Of course.”

But he seemed unsure when asked whether he knew how many points he had before being replaced with 3:07 remaining. “I kinda did at the end know,” he said.

Meanwhile, coach Dave Rose said, "I didn't really know how may points he had." So did they actually know Fredette was flirting with 50 or not?

Rock On is guessing they didn't — in an “Honest, officer, I didn't know I was speeding!” sort of way.

Prime space

There's the Fanzz store. And the concessions booths. And the Utah Sports Hall of Fame. And the set for the Jazz broadcasters.

But there's one other thing in the concourse at EnergySolutions Arena these days to catch your eye: a 2011 Audi sports car. Sticker price: $168,000.

Which explains where Deron Williams parks when he comes to work.


Twitter gossip says if Jim Boylen gets fired, current Rick Majerus assistant Alex Jensen might be in line to coach the Utah basketball team.

Seems like a natural fit. As long as he's willing to wear a Reebok sweater and cowboy boots and live in a hotel for 15 years.

In-court delivery

Marcy Moosewaypayo was reportedly in a Saskatchewan provincial court last week to face charges on possession of property obtained by crime, assault, breach of probation and multiple breaches of an undertaking. Instead, she ended up giving birth to a baby in the lobby of the courthouse.

Rock On sources say she expects to name the baby Pacman Jones Moosewaypayo.

Statesman Al

Jazz center Kyrylo Fesenko on who wrote the Declaration of Independence: “Uh ... Jefferson. Al Jefferson?”