Editor's note: The Deseret News has invited C. Jane Kendrick, Utah resident and creator of the popular blog cjanerun.com, to write a weekly column. Cjanerun.com and accompanying blogs C. Jane's Guide to Provo and Dear C. Jane draw readers from all over the world. For this first installment, we asked C. Jane to introduce herself to our readers.

I was born in 1977, and as my mother melodramatically tells it, I was born during one of Denver’s biggest snowstorms ever.

I was birthed by barometric pressure. It’s fitting.

It was my second attempt at coming to Earth. My first was abruptly ended when — again as my mother persuasively narrates — I decided Earth wasn’t ready for me. This resulted in my mother’s first and only miscarriage. When I did show up, I became the sixth of an eventual nine children.

Life was somewhat uneventful until I failed the hearing test in kindergarten. Doctors found I had a hole in my right eardrum. Though they took some skin from my hip to surgically patch things up, by the time I was 14 it cracked again. Two things followed: surgery made me miss trying out for the high school soccer team and I slowly began losing hearing until only 5 percent remained in that ear.

(I am one of the many success stories of bodily compensation, though. My left ear can hear the tinkling of a toe ring bell in Malaysia. I actually get to choose whether I want to hear or not by simply plugging my left ear. This ease of selective hearing is akin to a super power. I use it to save the world.)

When high school was over I decided I wanted to be a writer. Having been raised one busy intersection away from the BYU campus, I applied and was rejected. My dad decided we hadn’t tried hard enough to get accepted and crossed that intersection to see whom he could persuade.

He begged, pleaded and petitioned whoever would hear him. Finally, in parental desperation he promised them I’d “make them proud” and “be somebody someday — a real writer.”

But they rejected me again. And three more times after that.

So I went to the U. of U. You know, because it would have me.

I eventually graduated from Utah Valley University (then UVSC) in behavioral science and took an intense job with Provo School District teaching the youth of tomorrow. That was so long ago they are no longer the youth of tomorrow but the leaders of today.

(I just got nervous about my previous career. Did I teach them sufficiently? If this country starts sinking because of a lost generation you can partially blame me — at least for the southwest Provo quadrant.)

Then I married a guy who said he’d “never marry me” and somehow we are still married. Eight years. I attribute the success to my super power. See: choosing to hear, above.

In the middle of teaching I had this revelation that I was supposed to quit and become a full-time writer. That’s when I started a blog — a weblog. It became a place where I logged in to tell the world about how crunchy my breakfast cereal tasted that morning and what my dog did to amuse me. Eventually I started to write about our rare case of infertility; namely no one could figure out why we couldn’t get pregnant.

Obviously I did not inherit my mother’s super power.

It took us five years before the bun arrived in our once hopeless oven (so to speak) and since then my blog has become a meanderingly meaningful outlet for my musings on life.

In 2008, my blog won the “Best Major Blog” from the Weblog awards and has even afforded us all sorts of adventures and opportunities for print, this new gig with the Deseret News being our latest. I see this column as another outlet to share the gospel of “Life is Good” and “Crunchy Cereal” and “Funny Dogs.”

It’s an honor to be here.

So, that’s my life more or less. Not too shabby for a reluctant, partially deaf, sometimes infertile girl with a lisp.

Oh, did I tell you I have a lisp?

C. Jane Kendrick writes for blog.cjanerun.com and cjaneprovo.com. She lives in Provo with her husband and two children.