Burundi Branch: I just love that with the technological power of blogs we can witness “An Historic Event In Burundi” from thousands of miles away. With many accompanying photos, this missionary excitedly tells about “the one and only Official Bujumbura BRANCH!! It is the only Branch in all of the country of Burundi!......so far. :)” Click to find out more!

Temple trip: “Statistics have shown that the chances of a new member staying active in the church is greatly increased if they participate in baptism for the dead in the first year of membership — especially within 3 months of their baptism.” So these ward missionaries have come up with another awesome ward missionary idea: a “New-member Temple Trip,” complete with a handy information sheet to describe what a new member needs to do/bring and what to expect. Truly awesome.

Biblical Christianity: Did you know the word “Christian” only occurs three times in the Bible? In the post “Let's Get Biblical: What Does the Bible Have to Say about the Definition of 'Christian'?" Jeff Lindsay dissects the three scriptural references of “Christian” to explain how Mormons truly are Christians, proven even more so within the context of the Bible. Fascinating!

Children's exhibit: Last Thursday, the “Church History Museum Unveil(ed) a New Children’s Exhibit.” Two, actually. The first is “'A Book of Mormon Fiesta: A Latin American Celebration' (which) celebrates the rich Latin heritage within the church and portrays stories of faithful Latin American Saints. The exhibit is divided into three interactive sections where children and adults can understand and appreciate the inspiring stories of Latin American members of the church.” There is a second exhibit is titled “'The Gospel Blesses My Life' (and) features art created by children from around the world. Through art, children between the ages of 5 and 12 from 42 countries share how knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ blesses their lives.” Cool! Learn more about it!


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