Clinical depression: The Mormon Women is hosting a new “Finding with Faith” series about how faith helps people get through trials and overcome challenges. And they just posted the first installment: “Battling Clinical Depression, ‘Finding the Light from Within.’” As this guest blogger writes, “It is my hope that through sharing my experiences with clinical depression and anxiety, that I might in some small way be able to make a difference in the life of another who is carrying the same burden, and that along the way each of us will find additional faith, hope and strength as we trust in the Lord and make Him a constant part of our individual journey.”

Gaining education: Larry Richman points out that  “The LDS Church just published an article about the value of education.” It includes counsel from President Eyring, Elder Nelson and Elder Bednar. Click to read more!

Cover contest: LDS Publisher is hosting a “2010 Book Cover Contest.” Click the top post for the rules, and then scroll down through for all the categories. And vote for your favorite covers from 2010 LDS fiction publications! Fun!