Stakes splitting: Back in 2009, Matt of LDS Church Growth provided a list of stakes that were likely to split outside of the United States, and he just released an update. As he explains, “The organization of new stakes is a strong indicator for church growth for the LDS Church” but that “this list is not definitive and does not guarantee that stakes listed will be divided and new ones created.” However, if the stakes are divided, the timeframe will be “within the next two or three years based on past trends.” Fascinating!

Church signage: Sometimes we take the smallest things for granted, like, for example, a simple church sign. These missionaries in Africa rejoice that “The Standard has been Erected” in the form of official LDS Church signs on the building that leads into their meeting hall. Check out all the photos!

Deliver us: Back when he was a 9th grader sitting in seminary, Seth Adam Smith had the idea to someday set the song “Deliver Us” from "The Prince of Egypt" to the Book of Mormon. This inspiring video is the result. Enjoy!

Free handouts: I love freebies, and these handouts to accompany the YW Manual 3, Lessons 1–8 are absolutely darling! And did I mention, free? So click, download and print!