SALT LAKE CITY — The Church History Museum will open 2011 with two new children's exhibits.

"The Gospel Blesses My Life" and "A Book of Mormon Fiesta: A Latin American Celebration" will both open on Friday, Jan. 7, at the Church History Museum.

"The Gospel Blesses My Life" is an exhibit featuring art by children, ages 5-12, from 42 countries around the world. Using the theme "How the Gospel of Jesus Christ has Blessed My Life," the young artists used various media to create artwork about different gospel subjects.

Of more than 1,700 entries submitted from around the world, 250 were selected for display. Most of the remaining entries can be viewed on digital screens in rotation as part of the exhibit. This artwork will also be featured on the Friend magazine's website at and in the "Our Creative Friends" section of the March 2011 issue of the Friend.

"The Gospel Blesses My Life" will continue through July 4.

The second exhibit, "A Book of Mormon Fiesta: A Latin American Celebration," celebrates the rich Latin heritage within the church by focusing on gospel truths while highlighting both ancient and modern-day stories of faithful Latin American Saints. It is divided into three interactive sections:  "Learn Truths," "Share Truths" and "Live Truths," in which children and adults alike can learn and apply the inspiring stories of Latin American Saints.

The first section, "Learn Truths," focuses on stories form the Book of Mormon. The second section, "Share Truths," is a replica of a Latin American home. The third section, "Live Truths," is designed to look like a Latin American plaza with specific areas that illustrate inspiring stories of faithful, modern-day Latin American Saints.

Admission to both exhibits is free. For more information, visit the museum's website at