The week between Christmas and the new year is a time for reminiscences and countdowns, so in that theme, I offer, in no particular order, a countdown of some amazing blogs from this past week:

10. Elder L. Tom Perry talks more about the Aaronic and Melchizedek priesthoods in this Part Two from the Prophets and Apostles Speak playlist of Mormon Messages. He says “It’s an essential part of our existence here on earth.” Click to view!

9. Come January, the New Pricing From Family Home Storage will go into effect, and while some prices are raising, others have dropped! Check out all the changes.

8. Would you like an entire month’s worth of January 2011 FHEs”? Then check out Julie M. Smith’s lesson plans centered on "The Living Christ: The Testimony of Living Apostles." As one commenter says, “I look forward to copying your ideas :)”

7. Many people use the New Year holiday to revitalize their health resolutions, and this blogger outlines her plan for a “New Year Cleansing and Weight Loss Program.” Click to read if you feel like you ate a few too many sweets. 

6. Next Sunday, church meeting schedules will change for almost all wards and branches, and so this reminder from the Awesome Ward Missionaries to remind the new members and investigators in your area about the “Time Change” is most, well, timely!

5. Did you get a Kindle for Christmas? This blogger did and is now curious about any available “LDS Apps for Kindle” out there. Check out what he found!

4. The genealogy blogging guru Myrtle just uploaded some “Beginning Genealogy Lessons.” She already has four lessons posted with 35 planned! Click to learn more!

3. Not only is it the week between Christmas and New Year’s, but it is the week between the Old Testament Sunday School lessons and the New Testament Sunday School lessons. So what happened historically in this “Intertestamental Period”? Kevin Barney provides a great summary. Set the stage for your New Testament study.

2. It only takes “Five Minutes a Day” to clear your mind and hone your focus, this blogger says. It’s her first resolution, to “allow myself 3-5 minutes of personal focus time every single day.” I think that’s a marvelous idea!

1. Meet some of the young adults frequenting the “Chişinău Center for Young Adults” in Moldova. This visual representation of the church growth there is just inspiring!

Now let’s ring in a few more blogs from this last week in the Bloggernacle:  

Power pick — Hopefully you’ve enjoyed family togetherness this holiday season, and to keep that connection strong, check out the updated Family Home Evening section on with lesson ideas, activities, videos and much more. Check it out!

Techie tip — “Protect Your Family’s Addresses” using  the Utah Child Protection Registry in Utah, which “helps you stop adult-oriented solicitations from being targeted to you and your family.” If you are outside of Utah, Google to find similar programs. And click to read more about this important protection program.