Mormon usage: “They’re Talking About Us (Still)(Again)(Always)” is another fascinating post that uses the new Google Books Ngram Viewer to see, using graphs, how much Mormons have been talked about it in years past. This blogger plots “Mormon,” “Word of Wisdom,” “Brigham Young” and others and finds “Mormons are talked about. A lot. No more now, though, than in the past, and perhaps even a little less often than in the past.” Click to view!

Mormon scholars: If you haven’t checked out the site Mormons Scholars Testify lately, then you are missing out on some wonderful recent testimonies. Take, for example, Steven C. Harper’s words of wisdom about “What I Know and Don’t Know,” where he takes examples from church history to describe his testimony. Incredible!

Mormon Artist: Looking for a cheap (in this case free) Christmas gift for the sci-fi/fantasy lover in your family? Send them a link to the new “Mormon Artist Issue 13” that includes “interviews with Orson Scott Card, Ally Condie, Dave Wolverton, Aprilynne Pike, Tracy Hickman, Mette Ivie Harrison, Brandon Mull, James Christensen, Derryl Yeager, and Keri Doering, along with a special Writing Excuses podcast by Brandon Sanderson, Dan Wells and Howard Tayler.” Cool!

Binder etiquette: It’s one of those all-too-true-so-very-funny essays. This one attempts to provide some “Relief Society Binder Etiquette” rules like, “thou shalt pass the binder in a timely manner” and “thou shalt not act surprised when thou wast handed a binder and then ask the passee what it is for. It is a binder. It is for thou.” And I love the helpful diagram of how to pass across the rows.