Mormon Message: “That’s when I started seeking Christ, because I knew he was real.” This beautiful new Mormon Messages video features some personal stories of people who decided to “Look to the Light” of Jesus Christ and turn their lives around. Click to view their incredible testimonies.

Christmas Message: “I came out on Christmas day, and the Madera Spanish Ward was here pruning,” explained this church farm vineyard manager. He was amazed that “They Gave Up Their Christmas” to work in the Lord’s vineyard, “as a gift to the Christ child.” What a magnificent service! And isn’t it awesome that you get a double dose of wonderful Mormon Message videos today!

Versus machine: “It is, as the kids say, on.” That is Ken Jennings’ response to the news that he will be fighting, trivia-style, a machine named Watson on "Jeopardy!" in February. Cool!

On NPR: Ally Condie’s new book "Matched" will be featured on “NPR’s All Things Considered” tonight. How exciting is that? Click to find out the details.