Have a Mormon bibliophile on your list? Or want some ideas for neighbor gifts? Or wondering what to send a missionary? Or just feel like sending something straight from the heart? Have no fear, the Bloggernacle gift-giving guide is here!

Book gifts: It’s become an annual tradition, and J. Stapley just unveiled this year’s installment of the “Christmas Gift Book Guide,” which features his favorite book picks, a music recommendation, journal subscription ideas and more. And you can check out Juvenile Instructor’s “2010 retrospective of scholar books and articles in Mormon history” for even more ideas. Or “just in time for your holiday shopping,” you can use Shannon Hale’s list of “2010 Great Reads” for the fiction-lover on your list.

Neighbor gifts: Do you ever joke about getting food storage for Christmas? Well, this thorough list of “Provident Living Holiday Gift Ideas” is filled with creative and fun ways to give those important food storage items. Here's one example: You can give an emergency candle and say, “May your days be happy, your heart be light, your Christmas merry and the New Year Bright!” Or check out these three printable handouts to accompany your “Christmas Neighbor Gifts.”

Missionary gifts: I found a whole website dedicated to giving you good “Missionary Ideas,” and as you scroll down the posts, which include musical, fun, decorative, delicious and even spiritual gift ideas, you’ll understand why their subtitle is “Creative ways to send your missionary love!” Check it out.

Heartfelt gifts: Finally, the best gifts are the ones filled with love. And these homemade “Gift Ideas” look absolutely delightful. And remember, the most important thing you can give this Christmas is to “Give the Gift of You.” As this blogger says, we should give the “gift of time” or the “gift of good example” or the “gift of seeing the best in people” or even the “gift of letting others give” to our loved ones for all the holiday season and beyond.

Now let’s find other blog presents from this last week in the Bloggernacle:

Power pick: I hope you were able to catch the “First Presidency Christmas Devotional” Sunday evening, but, if not, you can click to enjoy it on the Mormon Messages Christmas playlist, which has separated each message and musical number into various videos. Watching these, I was reminded how much I love Mack Wilberg’s arrangement of “What Shall We Give to the Babe in the Manger?” as sung by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Wow! Plus, did you catch the books that President Monson reads each year? You can find all of these books online for free! Click for this Christmas-gift-of-a-post filled with the links!

Techie tip: Citing Elder Bednar’s message about a solider away from his family at Christmas time, the Mormon Soprano features “A Solider’s Christmas Card.” She reminds us, in this gift giving season, to “Remember Our Troops” and lists five links to help us do just that. Wonderful!