Alex Boyé: “This song is dedicated to all the pioneer women of the 21st century.” Have you heard this new Relief Society rap song by Alex Boyé? Here are a few of the lyrics: “Let the sun still shine on everything you do, yeah. You have always been by my side. Nothing can stop you from reaching the top. Nothing’s gonna stop the Relief Society.” Cool!

New District: There’s a new district in Papua New Guinea, reports LDS Church Growth, and it is exciting because it demonstrates “the potential for rapid church growth in remote, rural areas through coordination of member-missionary activity. Sogere and other villages with congregations in the new district are small villages not on most maps of Papua New Guinea.” Wow!

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Water parable: With photos and descriptions of the climate in Burundi, this post is just a marvelous parable about the power of “Renewing Water.” This missionary blogger explains that “nature has been kind to the land of Burundi. Its beauty is a stark contrast to the sad things and lack of progress we see in the lives of many of the people brought on by war and financial struggle. But just as the rains bring needed renewal to the earth, so the gospel rains down hope and rebirth to this land and its people.” Lovely. Click for more!

Copenhagen Temple: This “Flickr Find: Copenhagen Denmark LDS Temple" illustrates how different each temple can be from the others and yet still serenely beautiful. Check it out!