Asian adventures: Reid Neilson, managing director of the Church History Department, is embarking on an LDS Church History trip through Asia today, and he is tweeting his adventures. Log in to your Twitter account, and then follow Reid Neilson to Japan, South Korea and more for the next few weeks!

CTR 40: Did you know that the CTR ring is turning 40 this year? The Mormon Soprano pulls together tidbits, talks, music and links about this little green ring in her post “CTR Symbol Celebrates 40 Years.” She explains that the symbol reminds and motivates us “beginning at a young age, to Choose the way of Christ, each and every day. Because walking the Right way, is the recipe from God for true peace and happiness.”

Mac genealogy: Genealogists who have Mac computers rejoice! “Family Tree Maker for Mac is Here,” and in this post/announcement, this blogger answers some frequently asked questions regarding the software release. For instance, it has “the same functionality as Family Tree Maker 2010” for PC.

Homemade heaven: This is what this blogger says “Homemade Dulce de Leche” tastes like: heaven! And her recipe is so easy. It has only one ingredient. And once it’s done you can use it on bread, with fruit, in recipes, with cookies or on top of ice cream. Yum!