Ward map: Want to see you ward on a detailed map? You can make an “LDS Ward List on Google Earth” using this blogger’s thorough instructions. How cool is that! Although I also appreciate his word of warning: “Please be very careful when using an LDS list of members. The list may not be shared or used for any commercial uses. It should not be shared or made publicly available with personally identifiable information. Consult your unit’s leadership with specific allowances and caution.”

History detective: I admit that the PBS show “History Detectives” theme song played in my mind as I read this Keepapitchinin guest post about a “Family History Detective” who sleuthed out information about whether his great grandfather served alongside President Kimball on his mission. You’ll have to read the post to see if he cracks the case! And be sure to check out the comments where Ardis adds some fascinating “icing on the cake.”

Monument moment: The Amateur Mormon Historian detours near Chattanooga to check out the “Joseph Standing Monument.” He explains, “For those who don't know, Elder Joseph Standing was killed by a mob in 1879. His killers were publicly known and were taken to trial, but were found not guilty.” Click to read this about his trip finding the monument, which includes photos. And be sure to check out the comments for a “rest of the story” about Standing’s Utah gravesite.