Every presenter in Time Out for Women has a role on the program.

For Emily Watts, it's sharing a message for mothers.

Watts, an author and senior editor at Deseret Book, is a mother of five and grandmother to three. For eight years she has relished the opportunity to share a message of optimism and perspective with mothers from various backgrounds and circumstances.

"What I try to share is some laughter. Most little mom problems need to be outlasted. They don't really need to be solved, they need to be grown out of," Watts said. "So I try to give mothers who are dealing with the little problems some hope and perspective; for mothers who are dealing with the big problems, my main message is to hang on and understand that children ripen slowly. What seems now like it will last forever, you'll get through it."

Watts and others will share their messages with women in Atlanta, Ga., on Oct. 22-23.

It is not uncommon to see women of all ages and demographics in the audience. They also like to come in groups of friends or family generations. Watts is fond of seeing the more seasoned women react to her insightful stories.

"Mostly they just laugh and laugh and laugh. They know. They nudge their daughters and say, 'See, I told you.' They enjoy being reminded of what they have achieved because they have gotten through the toilet training and the tantrums in the store. There is a real sense of accomplishment in being in this end of it," Watts said.

Watts said being a mother is such an intense responsibility that women are constantly stressing out about doing the right thing. "It's so frightening to think what is at stake; and if you mess up, who are you messing up," she said. In her remarks, Watts talks about not giving up on children, even when they are adults.

"I have been at it long enough to know kids are more resilient that most women think. So if you can relax and laugh with them and admit you don't do everything perfectly, but that you are trying, that you love them, and have a little bit longer-term perspective, it's amazing how much more fun it (motherhood) is," Watts said.

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